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Why choose Lance S. Coren, C.A.A., C.M.A. as your appraiser?

Lance Coren has been in the automobile appraisal business for over thirty six years and is multiple "Certified /Registered" by a number of global governing entities! He has appraised thousands of different type automobiles from Exotics, Classics, Muscle Cars, Street Rods, Pro-Streets, Antiques, Vintage & Current Race Cars, 1-Off's & Motorcycles.

Lance Coren does not use personal judgments or price guide books (even though he is a exotic & ultra high-line vehicle advisor to a number of printed value guides plus an author of his own Exotic & Ultra High-Line Vehicle Values) to substantiate automotive values. He follows State, Federal & Governing Body Regulations to value a motor vehicle in a "certified & governed" procedure that is "legally sanctioned" by many governing bodies including the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. His computer technology and association with numerous dealers, auction companies, brokers, insurance carriers and automotive manufacturers around the world, permit him to track the market place for most all of the desirable vehicles that have been manufactured. He has tracked appreciation & depreciation trends, and has forecasted market directions for anumber of exotic type vehicles. His unprecedented & unique resources, are among the finest in the world. A number of interviews with Lance Coren in prominent newspapers such as The New York Times and other automotive publications are in print and he has appeared as an automotive expert on Garage TV, The History Channel and the The Discovery Channel, on such television programs as "A Show of Elegance", "Supercars" and "The History of Ferrari". He has also appeared on ABC & CBS news programs about Carroll Shelby and Enzo Ferrari.

Lance Coren is also the acknowledged appraiser for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum & Foundation and additionally he is utilized by Ferrari Financial Services, Inc. as an appraiser.

Appraisals are Available & Conducted Worldwide By Appointment.

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