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The International Automotive Appraisers Association (IAAA) is the lone internationally recognized association that deals specifically with the discipline of auto appraisal. The association was formed during 1993 by a number of seasoned automotive appraisal professionals (including previous I.S.A.A. members), who pooled their knowledge and desire to establish an internationally recognized professional association for the promotion, education and service to the public sector, business clients and the insurance community.

The association, under the tutelage of Executive Director Anthony Monopoli, has expanded membership multifold in numerous areas. His exposure of the association to a number of automotive related organizations, publications and specialty vehicle owners and interested parties, such as the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Classic Car Price Guide Advisory Board has raised the industry awareness of acknowledged automotive appraisal principles.

The association also offers yearly on-site and on-line continuing education programs that enhance awareness in numerous areas of the automotive appraisal sphere and contribute to additional required education for the professional automotive appraiser.

Additionally, the association offers the opportunity for advancement to a tested and certified "Master Automotive Appraiser" designation. It administers a multifaceted testing regimen that fulfills the associations advanced requirement for this grade of excellence in the personal property appraisal disciplines.

The association is also the main sponsor of the extremely successful and publicized All Auto Appraisal Industry Conference®, that takes place every January in Scottsdale, Arizona. Automotive appraisers from around the world take part in this yearly gathering and the guest presenters are leaders in their various fields of insurance, automotive leasing, automotive financing, automotive material damage, automotive information and in the legal profession. The Association is also the leading sponsor of the very successful Automotive Buyer Seminars, which are offered at no cost to industry professionals and the public, at various automotive events around the United States.

The association is also aligned with the successful Auto Mediators Association, whose membership is comprised of trained unbiased neutral judges/umpires for automotive damage and value dispute cases in the United States and Canada. The Auto Mediator's Association is acknowledged provider by a number of automotive and insurance entities.

The Automotive Appraisal Standards Board (AASB) is also an associated governing body that contributes to the industry standards set forth for compliance with the legal and professional requirements of the automotive appraisal industry.

The International Automotive Appraisers Association's presence at a number of automotive industry assemblies throughout the world, are well-known and represent their commitment to an enhanced exposure of the realm that encompasses appraisals of automotive related personal property.

"The future of education for the public on these subjects, is of primary importance to the association" says Mr. Monopoli. "Our commitment to furthering the exposure of what is correct and ethical in the industry, is extremely strong and will continue to be so". Mr. Monopoli has also addressed many forums with the premise, that continued education of the membership is crucial to the sustained success of the association and its exposure to the public sector.

The Uniform Standards For Automotive Appraisal Procedure (USAAP) published by the International Automotive Appraisers Association and submitted to the Automotive Appraisal Standards Board (AASB) and the Appraisal Institute of America (AIA) in Washington, D.C., is the referenced guidebook known throughout the automotive appraisal industry. It is accredited by sanctioning world-wide appraisal industry bodies, for its definitive interpretation of required procedures that are necessary for the production of a legally compliant personal property (automotive specific venue) appraisal. The association's ethics and automotive appraisal standards are based on them.

The membership is proud to have Mr. Monopoli as a torch bearing leader, who is committed to excellence in his approach to the furtherance of the auto appraisal discipline.

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