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How Does Lance S. Coren Perform A Certified Appraisal?

Lance Coren performs a visual on-site, comprehensive inspection of the vehicle (when applicable or required) , verifying all details and conditions, when required. Lance Coren also performs legal and compliant automotive valuations via submitted photos of the subject vehicle and with a comprehensive description of the vehicle with it's history and all applicable enhancement or detraction information.

Vehicle Photographs Are Taken, when an actual inspection takes place.

The Field Vehicle Inspection Form Is Completed, Documenting The Options/Equipment & Condition Of The Vehicle. Service Records Are Reviewed & Any Documented Vehicle History is Noted & Verified if Possible.

All Information Is Brought Back To The Office For Research, Analysis & The Completion Of The Certified Appraisal Of Value.

The Inspected or Confirmed Vehicle's Equipment & Condition is Examined & Compared to Other Vehicles Of The Same Year, Make & Model Vehicle Listed For Sale During The Same Time Period* & In The Marketplace Of The Appraised Vehicle. This Is In Compliance With State, Federal Government & International Regulations Decreed To Standardize Certified Automotive Appraisals For Value.

* (with some exceptions)

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