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Disputed Automobile Insurance Loss Value Services

If your vehicle is stolen or deemed a non-repairable vehicle and classified as being a total loss (and is not covered by an "Agreed Value/Price" type auto physical damage policy), you will probably be advised to retain an expert & qualified automotive appraiser to negotiate a fair settlement if you disagree with the insurance valuation amount for your car. The insurance claims adjuster or appraiser will offer what they think is the "actual cash value" (ACV) of your car, based on their input of your vehicles information to their in-house valuation source or their external vendor valuation source (such as ADP, CCC or Mitchell). Always ask to get a copy of this report so you can review the information! Their valuation is supposed to be an "average" price established from a number of "similar" cars listed for sale.

In virtually all cases where in-house insurance valuation programs, ADP, CCC & Mitchell vendor services are used to value a motor vehicle, all of the found appropriately matching comparable vehicles are not listed or used in the final report. Only certain advertised vehicles are used to produce the completed value report. These specific vehicles may not reflect the actual comparable market vehicles advertised in the retail marketplace, for sale that correlate to the retail fair market value of your own vehicle.

In these cases, the probability is high that The Auto Appraiser/The Ferrari Appraiser can help you reach a more realistic retail value settlement for the value of your vehicle. The Auto Appraiser/The Ferrari Appraiser's history of accomplishing this service, is extremely well documented throughout the industry!

The Auto Appraiser/The Ferrari Appraiser inspects the totaled or stripped car at the facility where it is stored (insurance salvage yard or body shop when applicable) to determine the pre-loss condition and value. If the car was stolen and is unrecovered or recovered stripped, he will work from photos, repair invoices, owner descriptions and additional available records. The Auto Appraiser /The Ferrari Appraiser has and will also undertake assignments to value a vehicle without a physical inspection of the car.

This is commonplace within the industry and is performed quite often by many professional automotive appraisers.

In situations where the loss vehicle is not (or cannot) be inspected, condition, equipment, photographs and other identifiable information can be transmitted to The Auto Appraiser/The Ferrari Appraiser by the vehicle owner, agent or insurance claims representative. In these type cases, this relayed information can be used to verify the pre-loss condition of the appraised vehicle under a legally sanctioned position.

The Auto Appraiser/The Ferrari Appraiser personally reviews advertisements of comparable cars for sale or verified comparable vehicles sold at various venues. He additionally reviews auction reports, market price guides, various industry marque newsletters and may call specialty retail dealers or auction company representatives nationwide for realistic value quotes for the loss vehicle with all conditions and equipment noted.

It is very important to remember, there is no such thing as a universal "book value" for automobiles. A Shelby GT-350 Mustang can be worth considerably more then a 1965 Mustang GT 2+2 (K-Code) "Hi Po". An AC Cobra 289 MK II is worth at least 15% more then a MK I. A "body off" full professional restoration creates a vehicle that is valued considerably more then an "immaculate restored street car". A Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini with matching numbers is always worth more then a car that does not possess matching numbers for the chassis and powerplant.

Call or E-Mail The Auto Appraiser for specifics on disputed claim or settlement services.

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