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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI's) are worth the money and effort to make sure the vehicle you are buying isn't a complete disappointment. On-Line photos with descriptions and also verbal descriptions by some sellers, are not to be believed, in some circumstances. The utmost item of importance, is the fact that your purchase of a motor vehicle, is not soured by a misrepresentation of the physical condition or drive-ability issue for the anticipated purchased vehicle at hand. 

Lance Coren performs PPI's all over the world, in most all countries around the globe, for prospective vehicle purchaser's who look to an expert, to verify condition, operational status and history of a proposed specialty vehicle purchase.

Whether it is a Mercedes-Benz W196 in Russia, a Ferrari 250 GTO in France, a Lamborghini Veneno in Hong Kong or a Mustang GT350 R in Miami, Lance Coren's PPI services are extremely cost effective. 

Lance Coren's services do not cost, they are priceless!

Contact Lance Coren to discuss your needs.

It is well worth your while, to protect an anticipated purchase, when the services of an expert can verify many aspects of a prospective specialty vehicle purchase, from any possibility of misrepresentation.

Click Here to Schedule your PPI!

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